CrossFit Open Games 2022: Highlights at CrossFit254

The CrossFit Open is an annual three-week, worldwide competition held for anyone and everyone, regardless of fitness level or ability. It brings together all the CrossFit affiliates and other fitness enthusiasts across the world in one event where we all do similar workouts.

For some, it is a chance to test our fitness and see how much fitter we have become over the past year. For us at CrossFit254, we also use this time of the year to bring the community together as we cheer each other and challenge ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally through the Open workouts that expose both our strengths and weaknesses.

Have a look at the highlights for the past CrossFit Open held at our Box and the winning Team and Individuals for the Open.

CrossFit Open Games 2023: Highlights at CrossFit254

PICTURE SPEAK: CrossFit Open Highlights 22.1

PICTURE SPEAK: CrossFit Open Highlights 22.2

PICTURE SPEAK: CrossFit Open Highlights 22.3

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