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Bryan Maneno is our first client to make it to the CrossFit254 Wall Of Fame. Bryan has been with us for a few months having come from a ‘no exercise background’. He however did not allow that to limit him from taking on the Mashujaa Fitness Competition Qualifiers.

We have seen him progress from the 7.5kg technique bar to the Men’s Olympic 20kg bar with weights as well as progressive improvement in his technique.

Well done Bryan. You stood out because even though you were hesitant of using a DB heavier than 15kg, you overcame your fear and dared to use a 22.5kg DumbBell. On top of all that, you did this in a competitive setting and gave it your all, pushing through and overcoming your limits.

We celebrate you Mr Maneno! (See post here)



Bryan Maneno at the Mashujaa Fitness Qualifiers Competitions

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