CrossFit254 Monthly Newsletter

The Box: April 2022 Newsletter – Issue #4

For this month of May, we wanted you as a community to recommend what you want to practice, improve on or learn how to do. Thank you for all your input…. based on the number of votes, the skill focus for this month will be THE PULL UP!

The Box: March 2022 Newsletter – Issue #3

Which one would you choose between increase in strength, increase in stability or increase in mobility? Many of us would probably choose strength because it is arguably one of the most visible appealing expression of progress in the time you have spent in the gym. The flip side to that is that you can only express that strength safely based on the level of mobility you have.

The Box: February 2022 Newsletter – Issue #2

This month our big news is around one of the biggest events in the CrossFit world, the CrossFit Open. This is an event that brings the whole CrossFit world together for 3 exciting weeks where we get to perform the same workouts across every CrossFit Box in the world and see how well we perform.

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