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Young and Fit is a Fitness and Nutrition program specially designed for kids and teens of ages 6 to 17yrs. The program has customized workouts to teach them how to interact, collaborate, team work, participate in healthy food choices, get strong bones and garner kinesthetic awareness.

All this is conducted in a fun and lively environment that keeps them engaged and active while working out as a class.

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What It Involves

The class is led by an instructor who takes participants through various exercises to a contemporary music soundtrack. The aim is to develop numerous domains of physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, cardio stamina and flexibility.
Fitness is health and health is fitness


Learn the fundamentals of moving external loads and become proficient at it while developing power, strength, stamina to mention a few.

We focus not only on the 2 Olympic lifts which are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk but also on a variety of weight lifting focusing mostly on functional movements involving barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and odd objects.

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Fitness is health and health is fitness


Learn the fundamentals of body control and become proficient in moving your own body on ground and in space, upright and inverted, coordination, pound for pound strength and mobility.

Gymastics are body weight movements that help us develop body control and awareness on the ground, inverted, or in space.

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Fitness is health and health is fitness


Develop that lung capacity that will allow you to keep moving for long by improving your body’s ability to take in, transport and utilize oxygen when needed.

These are usually cyclical repetitive movements that specifically raise our heart rate and therefore improving our lung capacity for example running, cycling, rowing, swimming just to mention a few.

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Fitness is health and health is fitness


Go back to being a supple leopard. Learn what is hindering you from taking your joints through their full range of motion.

In order to remain safe when exercising, and to not put undue pressure on our bodies, we have to have sufficient range of motion.

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Success Stories

Irene Lihanda

CrossFit Beginner

Awesome work

I liked how everyone is included, I didn't feel like people are looking at me in a weird way or sort of judging me.
Rodney Kili

CrossFit Member

Zero Regrets

It's been nothing but joy and fun finding a place within a family of people who celebrate fitness in a fun way. Zero regrets transitioning to CrossFit Fully

CrossFit Aspiring Member

Overcome challenging movements.

I’ve never done a wall walk this close to the wall. I was so afraid I would do a backward flip but then I did the first one and then five more. Then went through the double unders and that was it.
Paul Okutoyi

Othorpaedic Surgeon

Slow and Steady Wins

When I walked in and talked to one of the instructors, I was basically, interested to know what CrossFit was all about. Slowly by slowly I got hooked to it and as they say the rest is history.

CrossFit Beginner

Very Effective!!

I was afraid it was a difficult movement but with the help of coaches and consistent practice, I was able to do a strict Pull Up within a period of three months.
Rosemary Anyango

CrossFit Open Games Participant

Gained Self Pride

I participated in my first ever CrossFit Games, and trust me, it's a whole different experience. Out of the 48,846 women worldwide who did the scaled version of the workout, I was ranked 16; 942, and 372 out of 1,411 women in Africa. I am so proud of myself.

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What to know for your first Young & Fit class

The Young & Fit is all about sports-inspired moves

Because there is the option to do a lot of running and jumping, cross-training sneakers with padding are ideal. You may feel most comfortable in shorts and a dry-fit shirt that provides plenty of wicking for sweat.

Young & Fit is aerobics, sports and strength combined, incorporating your entire body. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be given low-impact options that’ll tailor each workout to your fitness level.

What to Bring to Class
  • Water bootle (water will be available)
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • Loose-fitting tank tops and shorts
  • High-impact sports bra (women)
  • Towel
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